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  • haside helvası — nişasta unu, şırgın yağ, pekmez veya şekerle yapılan helva …   Beypazari ağzindan sözcükler

  • Emunoth ve-Deoth — ( he. אמונות ודעות; Hebrew: Beliefs and Opinions ) written by Rabbi Saadia Gaon originally Kitab al Amanat wal l tikadat ( Book of the Articles of Faith and Doctrines of Dogma ) was the first systematic presentation and philosophic foundation of… …   Wikipedia

  • Sephardic Judaism — is the practice of Judaism as observed by the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews, so far as it is peculiar to themselves and not shared with other Jewish groups such as the Ashkenazim. Sephardic Judaism does not constitute a separate denomination within… …   Wikipedia

  • Eleazar ben Judah of Worms (Rokeah, Eleazar) — (c.1165 c.1230)    German talmudist, kabbalist and liturgical poet. Born in Mainz, he spent most of his life in Worms. He witnessed the murder by crusaders of his wife and children. He published works on halakhah, liturgical poetry, theology,… …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • Judah ben Samuel he-Hasid of Regensburg — (c.1150 1217)    German rabbi and mystic. He lived in Speyer and later settled in Regensburg. He was one of the most important scholars of the Middle Ages in the fields of ethics and theology, and was the main teacher of the Haside Ashkenaz… …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • ANTHROPOMORPHISM — ANTHROPOMORPHISM, the attribution to God of human physical form or psychological characteristics. Anthropomorphism is a normal phenomenon in all primitive and ancient polytheistic religions. In Jewish literary sources from the Bible to the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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