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  • Gostak — is a meaningless noun that is used in the phrase the gostak distims the doshes , an example of how it is possible to derive meaning from the syntax of a sentence even if the referents of the terms are entirely unknown. This can be seen in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Kay Ogden — (* 1. Juni 1889 in Fleetwood, Lancashire; † 21. März 1957 in London) war ein britischer Sprachwissenschaftler und Schriftsteller. Leben Ogden studierte Sprachen in Cambridge. Im Jahre 1912 gründete er eine wöchentliche Zeitschrift The Cambridge… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • List of XYZZY Awards by category — This is a list of XYZZY Awards results, grouped by award rather than year. The XYZZY Awards are the annual awards given by the publication XYZZYnews to works of interactive fiction, serving a similar role to the Academy Awards for film. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Greg Pickersgill — Greg Pickersgill, born in Haverfordwest, Wales in 1951, is an influential British science fiction fan. He lived in London between 1971 and 1992, then returned to Haverfordwest.Greg s lifelong love of science fiction led him into UK fandom where… …   Wikipedia

  • Глокая куздра — «Глокая куздра штеко будланула бокра и курдячит бокрёнка»  искусственная фраза на основе русского языка, в которой все корневые морфемы заменены на бессмысленные сочетания звуков. Несмотря на это, общий смысл фразы понятен: некоторое,… …   Википедия

  • Miles J. Breuer — Miles John Breuer (January 3, 1889 – October 14, 1945) was an American physician and science fiction writer. He was part of the first generation of writers to appear regularly in the pulp science fiction magazines, publishing his first story, The …   Wikipedia

  • Science fiction fandom — or SF fandom is a community of people actively interested in science fiction and fantasy literature, and in contact with one another based upon that interest. SF fandom has a life of its own, but not much in the way of formal organization… …   Wikipedia

  • Colorless green ideas sleep furiously — Approximate X Bar representation of Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. See phrase structure rules. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously is a sentence composed by Noam Chomsky in his 1957 Syntactic Structures as an example of a sentence that… …   Wikipedia

  • Science fiction fanzine — A science fiction fanzine is an amateur or semi professional magazine published by members of science fiction fandom, from the 1930s to the present day. They were one of the earliest forms of fanzine, and at one time constituted the primary type… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Kay Ogden — For the children s book writer, see Charles Ogden (children s writer). Charles Kay Ogden (1889–1957) was an English linguist, philosopher, and writer. Described as a polymath but also an eccentric and outsider,[1][2][3] he took part in many… …   Wikipedia

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